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Love, Ducks & Rock n' Roll

First Place Winner (Romance) of the 2019 Storymakers First Chapter Contest A comedy in the tradition of PG Wodehouse and Jane Austen, about an awkward Englishman whose campaign to save the Ruddy Duck, takes a back seat when he tries to help a flighty celebutante with her own crises of tabloid scandal and Osborne-family style drama. A comical collision of English and American manners, this smart, off-beat story about the absurdity and irresistibility of both family and true love. Genre - Comedy, Length - 79,000 words, Status - Complete/Soon to be on Submission  

The Retreat

On a technology-free retreat to sort out an inexplicable unhappiness, a woman meets a number of memorable characters who share their own hysterical, horrifying and sometimes heartbreaking stories about why they left behind the modern world.  As she gets to know them, she reflects on her own past and the roads not taken and wonders if contentment and happiness can be found outside of The Retreat. Genre - Memoir/Magical Realism, Length - 40,000 words, Status - Languishing  

The Ruddy Duck Home Repair Manual

On the eve of his marriage, George Wadsworth receives news that he has inherited a very old house back in England. He is in for a shock though when he returns to his home country and discovers that the business he left behind is in deep financial trouble and worse, the old house is horrific disrepair. With no income to hire out the work and too mortified to admit that he has no place to put his new bride, George makes the ill-advised decision to embark upon the necessary renovations on his own. Genre - Comedy, Length - 30,000 words, Status - Hot Mess



Doodles, portraits and ephemera

When you can't stop going to school, you get a Masters in Art and become a professional doodler.

Wedding gown portraits may be ordered through My Dream Lines.

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Storymakers, NaNoWriMo and more

Things I do that keep me too busy to think straight. Storymakers Writing Conference NaNoWriMo Municipal Liasion - 30 Days, 50,000 Words, One Life-Changing Experience

A few words about me

I am both highly indecisive and capable of an advanced level of mediocrity in a number of fields. As a result, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up – an event I am anticipating at any moment. I currently use humor to distract bystanders from my ongoing state of mortified introversion. Though a classically trained oil painter, I made the mistake of participating in NaNoWriMo in 2013, thus diversifying my creative self-torture into the practice of novel writing. My life has been twice as exhausting ever since. I had lofty plans to paint altar pieces or a pen epic military fiction, but instead, here I am scribbling romantic comedies and sketching headless brides. I try not to take myself, or anything else, too seriously. It makes raising kids and watching the news a lot more tolerable.

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Nice Things People Have Said

  • This book (Love, Ducks & Rock n' Roll) reads like an erudite feminine Douglas Adams.
    Sarah Hempel Irani Sculptor
  • Love, Ducks & Rock n' Roll is dripping with voice.
    J. Lea Lopez Author of Learning to Breath, Sorry is Not Enough, and Consenting Adults
  • She absolutely loved it! It looks JUST like her dress, and she couldn't believe it. Thank you so much for the great, great gift.
    Illustration Client