Grace Ellis Barber is a stay at home artist and mother living in the heart of Amish country in northeast Ohio.  She specializes in oil portraits and landscapes, but is currently enjoying a lighthearted excursion into pen, ink and watercolors.

Grace began taking private art lessons as a child and continued through her highschool years when she also participated in classes through the Moore College of Art and Design Young Artists’ Workshops. She received a B.A. in art from Hillsdale College in 2000 and an M.A. in art from the University of Dallas in 2004.

Her work has been featured in two solo exhibitions and several group shows throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She has also exhibited with friend and fellow artist, Sarah Hempel.  Most recently, she participated in the Anniversary Open House at the Wayne Center for the Arts and is planning more art shows in the near future.

Her current energies are going into caring for a nine month old son (her best work!) and creating whimsical illustrations that she hopes to turn into a line of cards and stationary. A recent illustration will be featured on the cover of a new album entitled “Ephemera” by Christian music singer/songwriter Ginny Owens.

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